Thursday, June 6, 2013

Crane perks

There's gotta be a perk or two to go along with your Dad being a crane salesman. Not that those perks are able to be used every day. Rarely do you get to spout your knowledge of the big machinery, thereby impressing folks with your discernment of the various types. Occasionally you get to correct less informed people. Beth was about 2 years old when she emphatically told an adult friend, "That's not a bulldozer, that's a woader!" Every now and again, you get to go with your Dad to a construction site, or another place that uses heavy equipment. But, you have to be careful when you tell one of your Dad's customers that his scrap yard is "dirty". (ahem...John, Jr)

Abbey and Elijah got to enjoy one of the perks a while ago. They got to see a crane up close and see how it worked.

At first, Elijah was afraid, but he quickly warmed up to the noise and enjoyed his perk.

Back in the office, Abbey wanted to try her photography skills.

Whenever we are out, we love to see cranes, especially the red and white kind. It means we will continue to eat and have a roof over our house, and that's my favorite perk!


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