Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Doz A Way's "raison d'etre"

My husband's family had a beach house when he was growing up. When I met him, I also got to spend many days at the beach. It was a fun place to be. Unfortunately, his Mom had to sell the first Doz A Way when his Dad had a stroke.  The family memories made at that house still circulate among everyone when they gather for holidays.

Ever since then, there was a longing in John's heart for his own place at the beach. He wanted to create the same memories for our family that were created by his Mom and Dad for him and his brothers. Things worked out this past year and we were able to purchase our own Doz A Way, in Holden Beach.

We've been working; fixing, adding to and refurbishing the house to make it a place that our kids and their families will love to come to. We've seen quite a bit of the Wilmington duo, but our girls had yet to be there.

The second weekend of April we had our first chance to have everyone there. It was a wonderful day! John and I were beside ourselves with glee at the anticipation of all being together. Being together is special, no matter where we are, but at the beach, well, that just adds icing on the cake! Beth and Evie Claire came in on Friday night. John, Daniel and his girlfriend, Cat,  Anna, Jamie and Layne all came on Sunday. This was exciting for everyone, as this was their first chance to meet their new niece.

The mommies with their little ones

Layne didn't quite know what to think about another tiny person.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous! We all went to the beach.

Evie Claire had her first taste of the NC beach, (she didn't seem overly impressed). But, when she would get fussy, I'd take her out on the porch and rock her and she'd quiet down immediately.

(Elijah had a black eye~story to come later)

Nothing like napping in the sea breeze

Once back at the house, several went swimming in the pool.

Daniel threw down the gauntlet

and his Dad responded~Both are NUTS!

After swimming we got to spend time together.

This was Layne running to me.

We cooked steaks and chicken on the grill and squeezed around the table. (A couple of days later, I discovered the table had a folding leaf that could expand the table quite a bit. The next time, we'll not have to squeeze so much.)

Yes, indeed, it was a very good day! It could have been perfect, if Greg, Beth's husband, had been able to be there.  He was stuck back at work in NY. We all really missed having him there. Hopefully in August, when we will have our family vacation, he'll be able to join the fun!

So, the new Doz A Way is certainly fulfilling its reason to be….a place for our family to reconnect with each other, make new memories, celebrate the old ones all the while marveling in God's beautiful creation!


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