Monday, April 21, 2014

Someone loves their Papa

Anna often stops in when she is in our neck of the woods. A couple of weeks ago we had one of those visits. I wanted to try and get a good picture of me with the kids….easier said than done.

Loosing Layne

Not bad, but Layne isn't looking at the camera

Abbey being a goofball

Distracted by the sweet kisses

Elijah's eyes are closed


After our photo shoot, I looked at Layne and said, "Do you want to see Papa?" She took her hands out-palms up and shrugged her little shoulders and said, "Where, where izzit?" I told her, "He's coming, he'll be here soon." She then started looking around inquisitively , saying, "Papa, Papa?"

A few minutes later he pulled up…

That little girl loves, loves, loves her Papa!
And I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual!


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