Saturday, April 19, 2014

Exploring New York

We drove to New York the other week.  We rented a "compact" car to save on gas and wear and tear to our car. When I say compact, I mean very compact, as in small enough to fit two into a car the size of our minivan.

But the kids made the best of it.

We had a wonderful time seeing some of the sights of the big city. But the thing we enjoyed the most wasn't….

Seeing the skyline as we drove into the city.

Driving over the Brooklyn Bridge

Times Square

 Abbey and her beloved Minions (Elijah was afraid to have his picture made)

It wasn't seeing the place where George Washington was inaugurated,

or riding the subway(although that was a thrill)
John is putting his best face forward!

Going to Chinatown to eat at the Congee Village. (it's been forever since I've thought about Congee. When I heard this Chinese staple in the name,  I figured it would be authentic, and it was. It was fantastic!)

It wasn't our visit to the Statue of Liberty

We missed the boat the first day, so Abbey made her own depiction.

On the ferry

Listening to the audio tour

Statue of Liberty glasses courtesy of Greg and Beth

It wasn't getting loved on and loving my fur baby, Bella

We froze during most of our visit, but still enjoyed the exploring. It was great, but the greatest thing about our trip north was…

Getting to see and love on Miss Evie Claire, her Mom and Dad!

She's such a sweetie! She's started to babble and coo when you talk to her. And that smile…well, it can surely light up a room! She's quite the cuddle bug. In fact, she's not really happy unless someone is cuddling her.  I was more than happy to oblige her desire!

I'm grateful for her Mom and Dad allowing us to barge in and make ourselves at home in their apartment. We loved visiting and seeing them all. We made some great memories that help make the distance between us seem not so far.


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