Friday, September 5, 2014

Empty vs Full…It's all relative

This past weekend John, Abbey, Elijah and I went to our beach house

Even with a couple of visits from John, Jr and Daniel, it seemed so empty. How can a house with two rambunctious young ones, a dog and a couple of grown ups seem empty?

Because a few weeks ago this house was busting with two rambunctious young ones, two babies, three grandparents, two grown daughters, two grown sons, a girlfriend, a son in law, four dogs and John and me! So, it's no wonder it felt empty when everyone had gone back to their own homes!

But, we had some good memories to remember.

The weather didn't exactly cooperate at the beginning, but eventually it got pretty and we enjoyed the beach.

The sheik of Brooklyn
 This cutie got her first taste of an NC beach

Abbey living her surfing dreams…aboard a boogie board

There was a hurricane churning way off the coast, so the waves were really rough, and the water was murky.

So rough that Layne was afraid and decided she'd rather take a nap.

We did get to spend quite a bit of time at the pool.

Layne is already a little fish.

 A friendly game of pool basketball

Nana and Grandaddy even got to enjoy the pool.

We celebrated John's birthday, but he was sick and didn't get to enjoy his meal and cake very much

I cut part of the cake off for the rest of us to eat, ever the germ a phobe
Great grandparents got to connect with their great grand daughters

We got "spiffied" up to go out to eat

Abbey wasn't mad, just trying to strike a pose

Our fur-babies really got along well.

So, now it's back to just us four and one dog. Empty is relative, I suppose. I loved seeing them all together and interacting with each other, but it does make the house seem cavernous, when they all leave.

I guess we'll just have to start the countdown until Thanksgiving, when we will all be together again!


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