Thursday, September 18, 2014


Every year, we have to visit the nearby Putt-Putt place to play a round and get ice cream. This year was no different. Anna, Layne, Daniel, Abbey, Elijah, John and I were able to go. I'm the official photographer and baby-take-carer, so I don't care to  participate in the frustration of using a bent stick to put a ball in a little hole. (Can you tell, it's not my favorite thing to do? But, I do love watching everyone else try to do it. Plus, I do really love ice cream!)

Such concentration…

Of course, lots of posing while waiting for your turn…

The "I got a hole-in-one" pose…

Daniel decides four deserves applause

Layne tries to figure out what's so special about the little hole.

Afterwards, arcade games and ice cream

 Layne is checking for holes in the counter.

 Grandma joined us for ice cream

Just being together outside is the fun part. If it takes a silly game and the promise of a sweet treat to bring everyone together, then that is just fine with me!


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