Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Entertainment on rain filled days

The first five days of our family beach vacation were constantly wet, not from the ocean, but from the rain. It rained and rained, and rained some more. We would think we'd get a break, only to have it last a few minutes and then start deluging again. Abbey, Elijah, John, Layne and Anna went on the beach anyway. Their thoughts were, "We're going to get wet. Does it matter if it's from the ocean or the rain?" There was also a hurricane way off of the coast, so the ocean was quite rough.  At one point, John was carrying Layne, when a big wave hit them. Layne later told her mom, "Papa go..whoa!"

Under these conditions, we looked for entertainment beyond the beach. Some of the things we did were our usual traditions, but we also branched out and sought other unusual spectacles.

One such spectacle, and I do mean spectacle was Fort Apache. We drive by Fort Apache every time we go to the beach. I've always wanted to see what it was about.  This place is not anywhere near normal. Consider the first thing you see is the "Crack Bus"

Or if that doesn't get your attention, imagine toilets with legs sticking out of them?

 There are many old cars, some used in the movies.

Once inside, this place totally defies description. There is a long, dark, dingy hall way full of junk, mannequins, medical supplies and such a wide assortment of things there is no way to categorize it all. Most of it was for sale.

Apparently we saw the cars from "The Adams Family", "The Godfather", and "Sweeney Todd"

Then you go outside and there is a little "Town" with sights such as these:

I'm assuming a real still.

These were just a few of the comical signs. Some of the others were a bit too racy for this blog.

Before we left, I joined Beth and Greg in a conversation with the owner of this interesting establishment. His story is a bit calmer than his online bio, but he did acknowledge to being congnizant of our state capital, albeit from behind the bars of Central Prison.

A very interesting trip, to say the least! When we left there, we all felt like we needed a bath. No worries there, we could just stand outside and bathe in the incessant rain!


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