Saturday, January 24, 2015

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

This year was our year to host John's family's Christmas. Of course, just as it did the last time we hosted, it was boo chilly and raining/sleeting. That didn't stop the traditional horse tournament, but it did stop me from getting pictures of the contest.

Inside we were all snug and had lots of NC Barbeque, snacks and desserts.

Christmas Eve found us few in numbers, but strong in heart. We carried on with our traditions, with the exception of walking around the neighborhood. There were no luminaries to admire, due to expected rain.

But we carried on with other traditions…

Singing carols

Ahh, the excitement of a child at Christmas…

Reading Luke's account of the Christmas story.

A thank you hug!

Times Two!

Then the traditonal pig out.

With horseradish dares…

Later, we deviated a little from tradition and had a rousing game of "Sorry"

Presenting the "Sorry" champion

Mimi didn't want Lou to be left out of enjoying a present.

Christmas morning, the kids under the leading of Daniel, fixed breakfast and brought it into our room to eat. Afterward they waited for the presents to start…

Dad with video at ready…

I love the excitement on Abbey's face as she watches Elijah open a gift.

We couldn't unwrap this one, but it didn't diminish Elijah's happiness when he saw it. (and yes, it was warm enough for him to be out in his short pj's)

The dichotomy that is Abbey…

Shooting a bow and arrow in her fancy Christmas dress!

Then it was time for Christmas, phase 2…off to Nana and Grandaddy's house.

Layne and Abbey are all "matchy-matchy"

Layne has fun with Papa

"Super-Layne" flying about the Christmas carnage of post present opening.

Tom(my brother), his wife Betty and their two boys, Landry and Jordan

Then the full day ends with Christmas # 3…Layne, Anna and Jamie come to our house to exchange presents.

Layne and her horsie..

It was a different Christmas. Family is what it's all about, and when a few are missing, it's really sadly felt, but the remaining can certainly enjoy each other and be grateful that they are together.

So, 2015 should be my year. It will be here before I know it.  Plus just imagine…Christmas is only 48 short weeks from today!!


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