Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mr. Lou

This summer, Daniel acquired a pet. When he shared the news with us, we were a little less than thrilled. John's exact words were, "No more dogs in our house full time!". Daniel got John to grant permission to bring his dog to our house for a weekend.

Daniel comes in with this beautiful puppy.

After about an hour, John pronounces that this dog can stay! So he spent the rest of the summer with us.

We've become quite enamored with Lou-boy. He's fun, loving and sort of a big 'ole oaf. He gets along famously with all of the other grand-dogs, as well as Layla.

This Christmas vacation, I went into Elijah's room and found this:

Elijah had covered him up with a blanket. Elijah had his first taste of playing with a dog. Layla's playing days are few and far in between, so Elijah had never experienced a young dog. He had a blast playing in the backyard with Lou. Evidently, he invited Lou to share his bed.

I'm so glad that Daniel took a chance on this baby!


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