Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Elijah Update!!!
Today in my e mail I got the most wonderful surprise. I had Lady Bugs in Love do an orphanage call. The results were much more than I had hoped for. They answered all my questions, gave me 10 new pictures and even gave me a copy of Eli's finding note! What a blessing! We all think he is just beautiful. He weighs about 17 lb. and is about 27 inches tall. He is crawling and pulling up and babbles dada. They also said they loved him very much, well, so do we! As you can tell, his orphanage is much better than some others in China. We are grateful to them for taking good care of our son until we can get there. While I'm grateful to get the update, my heart yearns even more to have him home and kiss those plump cheeks. Come on LOA!!

Wondering when his mommy and daddy are coming to get him.

So precious!


  1. What a blessing to get good information and such PRECIOUS new pictures. He is a doll and I sure can't wait for him to join our little playgroup!

  2. He is beautiful! I hope we get to meet him someday. I love the blog!

  3. Hi my name is Heather and we came home from China on March 22 2009 after adopting our little girl, gabriella xin xiu rose porter from Foshan Nanhai. She was born on 2/3/07. How old is your little boy. I am a member of the foshan web group but I fogot my password so have re-applied but havent heard anything yet. send me an email and I will send you the photos of the boys that were there when we went in case one is yours. ( queensland australia)