Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy 15 months to Elijah

Today you celebrate 15 months of life. Over the past 2 months, God has securely knitted you into my heart. I look at your picture several times a day and get that feeling inside that only a Mom or Dad can know. That feeling that I'd do anything for you. That feeling that I just want to take you into my arms and cuddle you. That feeling that my heart breaks to think that you cry and I'm not there to kiss away your tears. That feeling sadness that I don't get to watch you begin to do something new. That feeling of anticipation to see what God is going to do through you. That feeling of complete frustration in the fact that you belong home with your family, and you aren't here yet! But, the Lord knows these feelings and I firmly believe that he will bring you to us (or take us to you) when the time is just right. Abbey talks about you all the time. She says, "Let's go get him!" You are loved, my precious little guy. Never forget that for a moment. I pray that God is protecting, comforting and watching over you. We want to get you home so badly!

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  1. I'm joining you in prayer that your dream of 16 months is a reality!