Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Lesson From the Geese

Each day this week, Anna, Abbey and I have taken a walk to the lake and fed the geese and fish. The geese have had babies. As they come to the bridge to get the crackers, I noticed a remarkable thing. The tiny, baby geese always come out between the two parents.(I guess they are parents) The older geese come out with the parents behind them, still watching, but not leading. It struck me on several levels. It is obvious that our creator instilled an order of life. As a parent to older, in between and little ones, I so identify with the geese. There comes a time when we no longer lead. I watch carefully as they make their way. I'm still there to nudge, or peck at them if I need to, but John and I aren't surrounding them all the time. While they were, and their siblings still are young, we protected them by sandwiching them between us. What a wonderful God we worship! He cares enough to give all his creation the ability to protect their young, while at the same time, when they are able, encouraging them to stretch and try out their growing wings. I wonder if mama goose has to fight the same compulsion I do to jump out and take over leading? Teenager Geese
The one between the two parents must have broken the rules, and lost a privilege!
Most days all of the older geese were in front of the parents.
Baby Geese

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