Friday, December 18, 2009

Abbey and Elijah's first Christmas Caroling outing

   This past weekend, our small group from church got together to celebrate Christmas. We shared a wonderful meal together.  We had also planned to go caroling. Despite raining all day, we were able to get a little caroling in. Daniel had a swim meet that day, and we had to wake the kids up extra early. This put Abbey in one of her, I gotta keep moving and moving fast, or else I'll fall asleep moods. She was in quite rare form. At the first house we went to, she goes barreling in and marches right in the front door. After being told that we don't actually go into the people's houses, she entertained herself by jumping off of their porches. Boy, can she be a pistol!  But, all in all, we had a great time. There was also some ministering done, even by the likes of wild Abbey. At one house an older woman came out in her night robe. After singing, all of the kids went and gave the woman an impromptu  hug. She had tears in her eyes as we left. That made it all worth it!

Playing a gift exchange game

John and Elijah ready to brave the elements
 Lottie, Abbey and Kylie

 Abbey and Kylie held hands the whole way

That's my girl!(with Kylie)


Abbey hugging the lady

Seems they made her night- "and the little child shall lead them"

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