Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

One of the things I love about having little ones around again is their exuberance for little things like picking a Christmas tree. We took both Elijah and Abbey along with Daniel to find that perfect tree. Abbey had a blast. She ran around like a mad woman. Occasionally she'd go up to a tree and say, "Oh, this tree is beautiful!" It was a lot of fun. We waited to decorate a couple of days, so that John Jr. could be included. We put our Phil Keaggy Christmas CD on and after John put up the lights, we decorated the tree. It's always fun to look at the ornaments with the pictures and see how they've grown. Of course, the middle school photos always elicit groans and sentiments such as, "That can't be me!" We've collected so many over the years that the all can't be displayed, we have to pick and choose. Elijah took it all in stride. He didn't try to mess with the tree and enjoyed being in the normally "banned" living room. Abbey, on the other hand, was bouncing off the walls. After we were done, she would bring toys and want to hang them on the tree. I had to put the child proof lock back on the living room doors to keep her out.

Daniel, trying to look cool

Elijah, helping to unload the ornaments

John, all recovered from the flu. In his words, "I was sick as a pig...literally!"

Anna getting the ornaments in just the right spot


Admiring her handiwork

John, surveying the decorators

Dad took the picture of the decorators

The finished product

When talking about Christmas, we asked Abbey who's birthday we celebrate on Christmas. She said, "Jesus. And how old is he?  Three or four??"  Gotta love the egocentrism of a three year old!

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