Sunday, December 27, 2009

A little sad it's all over!

 I love the traditions our family has surrounding Christmas and Christmas Eve,  and it's hard for me to think I have to wait another 363 days to experience them again. The 26th always makes me a little sad. Today was no different. The first of my babies has gone home and the other one will leave in a couple of days. But, I have some wonderful memories that I'll tuck away. We've had some great times of laughter and love. We've also had a few tense moments that always come when 7 people are together constantly for a couple of days. Abbey and Elijah had a blast with all of their brothers and sisters around. Abbey has really gotten that present unwrapping thing down. Elijah likes to play with the gift bags. Again, it all brings me to God with gratitude for all He has done. The way our family has been knitted together in my heart is amazing. Everyone has unique gifts and temperaments and to see them all together is such a blessing for me and John. I'm so grateful that for another year, they all have been able to come home.

Christmas Eve Traditions 

We sing some carols and read  Luke 2. Then the kids exchange presents with each other. John and I also give our presents. This year, John really made me feel special with his gift. It was something that I'd always wanted, but would never have asked for. All of the kids knew about it and were waiting for the moment when John gave it to me amid some really special words. It was quite romantic and wonderful!! I love that guy!!
After presents, we walk around our neighborhood to admire the lights and luminaries that our neighborhood lines all of the streets with. 

The girls. Abbey's in heaven with her sisters.

Then, back at home, we have a feast of all feast! This is my favorite part!

Christmas morning

For several years, we have had a tradition where the kids cook breakfast and bring it to us in bed. Then we go and open presents. We have chosen not to participate in Santa, so the gifts are wrapped and we take turns watching each of the kids open their gifts from me and John.

Anna is thrilled with her Orchestra section Wicked tickets.

Daniel works to open some CDs

But, his major gift (from Nana and Grandaddy and us), was a new snare drum

Abbey loved her castle

And taking on John with Hungry, Hungry Hippos
(notice my future beautician fixing my hair)

Using her new Dr's kit to check Elijah out

Elijah trying to get into his present

He loved his crash and go racetrack

My snugglebug. Both of the little kids had horrible colds with nasty coughs. Elijah cried more than he has since he came home

Then it's off to Nana and Grandaddys for a major meal, visiting with my brother and his family and more presents.

Abbey got her first set of wheels

Elijah sneaking a turn in Abbey's car

Landry and Betty


Anna trying out Nana's new chair

She loves her Grandaddy(and I think he likes her a little bit, too)

My Mama and Daddy(aka Nana and Grandaddy)

My brother, Tom, coming in from frying the turkey. (It rained all day)

Oh, how I enjoyed these two days!

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  1. Seeing your big, happy family together in pictures makes me smile!
    I'm sorry that Caleb and Kylie apparently bestowed an unwelcome Christmas gift upon your kids...