Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Good times with friends

Of course, I have friends

The other night Abbey started making a statement about her friends. Daniel, being a typical older brother, jokingly said, "Abbey, you don't have friends, do you?" Indignant, not understanding the sarcasm, Abbey said, "Oh, yes, I do: Caleb, Kylie and Lottie!"

It is always fun to see our little ones as they become more and more social. Abbey is definitely starting to enjoy playing with, instead of along side of, her friends. We have had several fun times the past few days with friends:
We made cookies and had her friends come over and decorate them:

Abbey rolling the dough

Anna stopped in for a little while and helped

Of course, our Gingerbread men bleed Carolina blue!

Caleb decorating away

Sweet Kylie and her decorated cookie

Artistic Lottie and her cookie

With the help of Caleb and Kylie, Abbey had her first mini-pajama party. I say mini because, they didn't stay the whole night. But, they had a grand ole time playing and finally going to sleep together. Their parents were at a Christmas party and picked them up later that night,  but Abbey had her first taste of the fun of sleepovers. I'm sure there will be many, many more to come!

Sleeping like babies

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  1. Most days when Ky asks, "What are we going to do today?" it is followed with, "Play with my friend China Abbey and baby Elijah?"
    So glad that our kiddos are growing up together!

    by the way, can you send me the sleepover picture ~ and the ones from cookie day?