Sunday, December 20, 2009

John's Extended Family Christmas

Every year the Saturday before Christmas is reserved for family Christmas on John's side. This year was Elijah's debut with a lot of the family. We met in Charlotte at Susie and David's house. Sadly, Beth had to miss this outing. She had not planned on being here because of transportation issues, but even if she had, she would have likely had to cancel. DC had snow storm last night and today. NC even saw some snow yesterday and today. We only got a small snow shower with some sleet yesterday, which turned to rain last night. Going through Greensboro, we saw quite a bit more snow. But, despite the weather everyone who was planning on being there got there. John, Jr even got to come from Wilmington. As usual, we feasted on a grand assortment of food, the guys watched a not so pretty UNC basketball game and then, went out to shoot a few hoops themselves. 


Elijah, Abbey and cousin Marley

Amie and David

Miley and Susie

Anna and Sarah

Miley and Elijah
Miley is 9 months old, and weighs more than Elijah

Hannah, Elena, and Amie

Anna and cousin Matt

Abbey got a new dress up skirt from Aunt Phoebe

 Marley and Abbey


 Anna sat in the back with Elijah and Abbey


So sweet!

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  1. Abby and Elijah look so "at home" with the rest of their cousins. And that picture of Anna kissing Elijah ~ find a photo contest to enter that it. The emotion captured is priceless!
    By the way, kudos to Anna for squeezing between two car seats in a Toyota! I rode between my two on the way to Charlotte once and was numb by the time we got there!