Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Concert Outing

John is a huge Beatles fan, and has instilled that love in all (but one) of our kids. So, when he heard that Paul McCartney was coming to Charlotte, he invited all of the kids to go with us. Everyone but Anna,(the non-fan) chose to go. She very willingly offered to keep Abbey and Elijah.

We had a wonderful time. At first McCartney's voice was a little raspy, but as he sang it became clear as a bell. He performed for 3 hours solid. Here is a picture taken by Beth, it is not very clear, but it proves we were there.

Paul McCartney in concert 
July 28, 2010
It is pretty amazing to see a legend. I don't always appreciate all of his music, but I do recognize him as a musical icon. At 68 years of age, who knows if he will tour again. So, I'm glad we took advantage of the opportunity to see him

Anna, Abbey and Elijah also had a blast. Anna took them, along with Jamie and his little brother, Christian, to Jumpin' Beans,  McDonalds, then swimming. Abbey was a little subdued about Christian and Jamie joining them. Anna said that she was very mean to Christian. When Anna asked her why she was being unkind, Abbey replied, "I don't want another brother!". Then she kept saying, "Jamie and Christian aren't in our world." Sure does sound like the green eyed monster had a hold of Abbey, as she had to share her beloved Anna's attention!

Elijah, Anna, Christian and Abbey at Jumpin' Beans


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