Thursday, August 5, 2010

Swim Team Banquet

Every year at the end of summer league season, our team has a banquet. There is lots of good food, awards and a slide show of our season. This year's banquet was a lot of fun. John, Sr. couldn't be there because he had an elder meeting at church, : (

Coach John
He's got that rock star grip on the microphone

Each swimmer gets a participation trophy. 
 Here's Abbey with the other 6 and under girls.(Emily is on her left)

Then they give out the special awards. First, for most improved. Guess who won the 6 and under girls' most improved?  Miss Abbey!

Two trophies!

Coaches Amiee, John and Most Improved 6 and under girl, Abbey

 When we got home, she sat in the den with Beth,(she was home doing wedding stuff), Daniel for quite a while. She would stand on the hearth and say things like, "This person has a great life and has worked hard. Come on up here, BETH!" Or another one I heard her say, "I taught this person to do the backstroke, breathstroke and he's worked real hard. Come on up here DANIEL!" It was such a hoot to hear her take/re-creation on the banquet.

That night when I went to do my final tuck in this is what I saw...

Trophies for bed partners

Daniel won the high point for the 15-18 guys

Here he's getting his participation trophy
He's 2nd from the right

Watching from the sidelines, as usual, Elijah (with Anna)

I love summer league swimming. It always makes me sad when it's over. It means that summer will be ending all too soon!


  1. Congratulations sweet Abbey! And Daniel too of course, though I would have been surprised if he didn't win the most points...
    Love Abbey's choice for loveys that night.

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  3. Apparently, Abbey is also a fashionista! I love her cute little outfit. I get such joy from watching your family grow up.