Friday, August 20, 2010

The Wiggles

Our good friend, Jami, gave us 4 tickets to see the

John, Elijah, Abbey and I got to go.  Abbey used to watch the Wiggles constantly, now only occasionally. She still seemed to enjoy herself. Elijah was a hoot!! He danced and jumped. It was so cute. Then, the lack of nap time reared it's ugly head, and Elijah had a mini-meltdown. John quickly took him out and brought him back when he had calmed down. One disappointement~ no Murray. They announced at the beginning that Murray had to go back to Australia for a family committment. So, Ringo,(no, not the Ringo) subbed for Murray. The Wiggles are getting up there in age. They said that Jeff was 56 years old! That shocked us, he still is quite agile.

Ready to go see the Wiggles

I just love that eye disappearing smile!


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