Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Swim Season Winds Down

Another summer league season has come to an end. This was Abbey's first, and I can say she thoroughly enjoyed it. From the start...

All the way to the end of her swim, she has a tremendous grin on her face, every time she swam. 

When the team comes in they chant our mascot's name, "Amberjacks, Amberjacks..." In the car one day, Abbey starts to chant, "Jamberjack, Jamberjacks!" Wonder what kind of fish that is???

She has a special friend, Emily. 
She would bring Abbey to me, take her to the bathroom and generally take care of her, while they waited to swim.

Abbey even got to swim in a "first heat" at the last meet. 
John did a wonderful job coaching the team. I've heard nothing but great things about him from the other parents. He has had a hard time, though. Our team got moved up to the second division and had to swim the "powerhouses" of the league. So, we only won one meet. To a guy that thrives on competition (or I should say, winning), this was a hard pill to swallow. 

Leading the cheering before the meet

He and assistant coach, Aimee made a great team

Daniel did very well, losing one race the whole season. He swam against an 18 yr old year round swimmer and lost in butterfly. He also didn't swim the last meet, because it was too close to his State Champs meet and could possibly mess up his taper.(John wasn't at all happy about that choice). 

Parading into the meet with the team

Nana and Grandaddy even came to see one of the last meets.

Elijah only had to sit through a couple of meets. 

We were blessed with friends that agreed to let him stay with them, or Anna was able and willing to keep him at home. Swim meets are no fun for the non-swimming siblings.



  1. Summer swim season wrapping up? Say it ain't so...

  2. Way to go Abbey! Looks like a fun summer for the swimmers in the family. :)