Saturday, August 24, 2013

After the years of watching in the stands....

She finally got to swim in the pool!

Abbey has been to many, many swim meets in her life. A lot of those meets took place at a nearby aquatic center (TAC).

This year the championship meet for our league was held at the same aquatic center where Abbey has sat in the stands for many hours of her young life. Being that she did pretty well in our regular season meets, she was able to swim in the championship meet.

This brought back memories of Daniel. For many years, toddler and preschooler Daniel would go with us to a pool in High Point to watch big brother, John, swim in the Junior Olympics. He would say, "One day, I'm gonna swim at the 'High Point'!" And he did! It was a great day to see him achieve his dream.

So, now Abbey was having the same opportunity.

We had to be there at 6:45 AM! No problem for my usual early riser. This morning, she was an extraordinarily early riser. She was ready to go the moment her feet hit the floor, with a huge smile on her face.

When we got down on the deck of the pool, Daniel told her not to get in during warm up. She was the only 6 and under there for our team, and he didn't want her to get tired out doing a warm up. Abbey, looked longingly at the pool, as the older kids swam. The next thing I knew she had edged herself down beside the pool. Then the feet went in.

Finally, Daniel let her get in a do her little warm up.

She handled the waiting really well.

hunkered down under her towel, playing with my I phone

Finally, she got her chance to swim.  In a usual meet, 6 and unders have to only swim 15 yds. In the championship meet, all swimmers swim 25 yards. You could tell that Abbey was only used to swimming the shorter distance. She started the race like gangbusters, then flat out died. Her times were no where near what they were during the season.

But, she wasn't disappointed. All she cared about was she got to swim in the big pool at TAC!

Her coaches were very encouraging.

And she had a blast, no longer the spectator, now the participator!


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