Friday, August 30, 2013

Introducing the 6 and under girl high point winner....

At the end of each swim season, we celebrate with a big pot-luck dinner celebration! The kids get trophies and special recognitions, there is always a neat slide show and lots of yummy food!

Daniel confessed to being a tad nervous about speaking in front of close to 300 folks, but you couldn't tell it when he was rolling...

He did a great job.

He had Abbey enthralled...

It started with the individual participation trophies

Elijah and his first trophy.

The 6 and under boys(a wild crew, let me tell you!!)

Then the 6 and under girls got their recognition.

Then it was time for the special awards.

The kids who participated in the championship meet.

Abbey was announced as the winner of the 6 and under girls high point award.  When she went to get her trophy, her coach and big brother, reached down and gave her a big "bear" hug, lifting her off of the ground. The whole room sighed a collective, "Awww".

We ended with a great slide show.

It's a bit long, but there are lots of pictures of my kids.(Gotta look out for the grandparents who couldn't be at the banquet).

As usual, the swim season flew by way too quickly. It's such a huge part of our summers and a lot of fun. Daniel did a great job during his first year as a head coach, Abbey and Elijah had fun and got stronger, learned some lessons in sportsmanship and we all had some laughs. I'm always sad to see it end.

The official 2013 swim team picture.


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