Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Elijah's Obsession

Last year when we had our Mei-Mei reunion in Ohio, Elijah was smitten with the little sister of one of Abbey's China sisters. He talked about her all year, and was anxiously waiting for her to visit us this year. The visit didn't disappoint Elijah. He and Emma were two peas in a pod. They immediately picked up right where they had left off.

They stuck tight together at Marbles.

They even had similar reactions to the loud bang of the African drum music.

Waiting together at the restaurant.

She's the reason we got a waterworks show from Elijah when we said goodbye to her and her family.

After the first night of our reunion, Elijah told John, Sr.,  "I'm obsessed with Emma!" John explained that Elijah shouldn't be obsessing about another person. Elijah's response was, "But, I love her, Dad!"

That's fine and dandy with me and John. Emma is a cutie patootie and we love her parents and older sister. Whoever said arranged marriages are bad???


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  1. Could it have been "love at first sight?"
    It will be interesting to see how next summer goes!