Saturday, August 10, 2013

June 25th~~Happy Gotcha Day!

June 25th, 2007...a day of dreams coming true! John and I met the cutest little girl in Chongqing, China!

Fast forward, and I mean fast as the speed of light, forward six years. That little girl has firmly planted herself in her Daddy's and my hearts. She's such a wonderful blessing. Full of life, gutsy, yet extremely introspective, all can be used to describe our baby girl. No one in our family can imagine life without her, she provides a lot of love and entertainment to our whole family.

So every June 25th, Abbey gets to choose a place to go for a dessert treat to celebrate her "Gotcha Day". This year she chose:

Anna, Layne and Daniel joined Elijah, Abbey, John and me enjoying the rich, rich cupcakes.

Every day I thank God for allowing me to be the Mommy to this wonderful little girl. She constantly amazes me with her thoughts and actions. She's definitely a blessing from God, for which I'm so very grateful!

Happy Gotcha Day, baby girl!


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  1. Happy 6th forever family day Abbey! So happy to be part of your everyday life and watch you grow! Our family loves you too!