Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Why I love July 4th??

Why is July the fourth my favorite day in the summer?

Is it because I get to watch my kids score loads of candy in the candy dive?

Is it the fun I have watching them compete in other water games?

Is it feeling their pain (and accomplishment) as they do their best belly flop,

or biggest splash?

Or enjoying the watermelon that Daniel wins every year in the "Greased watermelon" race?

(sorry, I didn't get a picture, but he did win it)

Or watching them "get their groove on" while waiting for the fireworks?

Or predicting their reactions to the fireworks?

Or the amazing beauty of the fireworks?

Or could it be the fun of gathering with friends afterward to enjoy sparklers for the first time?

Yes! It is all of the above. I do enjoy all of those things, but what makes it wonderful is I got to spend it with this guy...

and these two...

and most importantly, this love of my life!


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