Monday, September 13, 2010

An Idyllic Day

I gave Abbey the choice of celebrating her birthday with a pool party and her friends all coming; or we could go to the beach with our family. Surprisingly, she chose to go to the beach with her family. The excitement had been building up all week. This past Saturday we all set out for Wilmington. (John was already there).

Besides the fact that Beth couldn't come, it was a perfect day. The weather started out cloudy, therefore the beach wasn't crowded and we easily got a parking spot. After about an hour, the sun came out and it was beautiful.

Elijah has never seen the beach. We all kind of knew how he would react, and we were right on the money.

                                                                            Gazing warily

                                                                   "Pick me up Daddy!"

Content to watch from afar

Later, he would go in for a little bit

Most of the time Elijah just wanted to eat Cheetos

We all guessed correctly about how Abbey would respond to the ocean....
                            running full speed into it!                              

                                     But, then running quickly back when a wave approached

until she had the safety of her big brother

Then, even his shelter wasn't enough
Eventually, she decided that she loved the beach. She stayed in for long stretches and played with all of us.

                                                       All of them played in the sand.
                                                               John surveying the ocean

                                      My pretty Anna                                   

                                                           Daniel contemplating skimboarding
Caught having fun in the sand
                                                               This smile says it all

It truly was a wonderful day! We played together, relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful ocean. It couldn't have been any better,(except if Beth had gotten to join us). Everyone got along so well, no squabbles at all! From the little to the big we all had a fantastic time.

My favorite part of the day was an unusual occurance. John and I got to go on a looong walk by ourselves. The older kids took care of Abbey and Elijah. When we got back, much to our amazement, they all (even Elijah) were in the ocean. We had a great time talking as we walked.

                          With my favorite person in the whole, wide world!                      



  1. nice product placement in that last photo John!!! - Crickett

  2. I'm so glad that you all were able to enjoy a day together at the beach! And taking a walk with your hubby, with no kids? Did you feel compelled to be looking for anyone while you were gone?