Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Marriage Aspiration

My Mom and Dad have reached a rare, much desired milestone. When they started they looked like this:


They have been married fifty years!

I can't think of anyone, who is married, who would not want to achieve this goal. We also would recognize how difficult it it. Marriage is wonderful, yet is takes commitment, patience and lots of sacrificial love to make it fifty years, (or one year for that matter).

I'm so proud of my folks. They deserved every accolade that they have been given.

This past weekend, we all gathered and celebrated Mom's and Dad's accomplishment.

You see, they didn't have a church wedding. After knowing each other a measly two months, they ran off to Dillon, SC and got married.  My Dad had to pawn his guitar and eat peanut butter sandwiches in order to buy her a ring. They both were in school. She was in nursing school in Wilson, and he was at UNC.  For a while, they kept it a secret.  My grandmother(Mom's mom) wasn't big fan of the idea.

My Dad had promised my Mom that one day he would marry her, again, in a church. This past weekend, he lived up to his bargain.

It was beautiful, absolutely precious! There weren't many dry eyes in the church.

My mom was beautiful

and they were so happy and so darn sweet.

The service started with John singing, Surely the Presence. He was honored that they asked him to sing.
Then my brother and I came in, followed by Abbey (right before the service, she got a nosebleed, which bled on her dress. Tide stick is the bomb!!)

and Elijah,

then the bride and groom. My brother and I talked a little bit about our parents. Then to top it off, my Dad played the guitar and sang, You Mean Everything to Me, to my Mom. About 100 close friends and family came to support the happy couple. All of our kids, Beth's finance, Greg, and Anna's boyfriend, Jamie were able to come.

I don't have many pictures, because I was too busy to take any. Anna took a few with my camera.

Daniel, Me and John

Beth and Greg, back a Mom and Dad's house
 Anna and Jamie

Abbey "helping" Mom open a couple of presents

I can't say how much of an inspiration my parents are to me in so many ways. I'm ever so grateful for them. They have always been there for me and my family. Their devotion to our family and each other is astounding!
I Love You Mom and Dad!!



  1. Congratulations to your parents! I so look up to those that are paving the way for "newleyweds" (compared to them anyway) like me!
    Your kids all look great, but you look amazing in that dress! That color blue is definately your color!