Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shopping for my Mom's wedding dress.

Now, that's an unusual thing to be able to do, isn't it??

My Mom and Dad will be married 50 years this Sept, 17th. They eloped with my Dad promising Mom that one day they would marry again in a church. Then life took over and they never did. My Mom has always wanted a "church" wedding. Now, she is finally getting one. They are renewing their vows in their home church on Sept. 19th.

Since we were disappointed not to be with Beth when she got her wedding dress, Mom wanted all of us girls to go with her to look for her dress. Beth was able to come, as well as Anna. Abbey and Elijah also came along.  Tagging along with all those girls, (and keeping Elijah company), was my Dad.  We went to three places until we found the PERFECT outfit.

In the wedding dress theme, my Mom brought my wedding dress for us to see. It has been packed away for 26 years in a supposedly airtight box.  Beth thinks she wants to wear my veil and we wanted to see it with her dress.  We took it out, (just for kicks and giggles), and Beth tried it on. She also modeled her dress for us. My veil is white and her dress is ivory, but as of now, she is still insisting on wearing it.

I went into the room and found Abbey working on getting into my dress. So, I helped her put it on:


What a pretty bride she'll be one day. I'm sure it will be here way before I'm ready for it!  Of course, at that time, she just might have to remove her Wiggles shirt!

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  1. Oh, I don't know, the Wiggles shirt just says "Abbey" to me. I think she could pull it off as a bride!