Friday, September 17, 2010

When did this happen??

As we were riding home from the beach, Daniel was riding in the middle seat in the van.

He stuck his feet up front between John's and my seat. I looked down and saw this--

When did this happen?

When did these--

Become these--

I adore baby feet. I love the pudgy little wrinkles. I love the way their toes clasp around your finger when you place it beneath their foot.  It's so neat to watch a little one "find" their feet, and eventually, put their toes into their mouths. "This Little Piggy" is one of my favorite games. There is a joy when you can fit their feet into your hand. As I gazed at those honkers beside me, my mind went back to the time when I did all those things to Daniel's feet.

So, as Daniel plopped his gargantuan feet up beside me, my thoughts were about how quickly, without my consent, even, he has grown into an almost man. 

I have to admit it makes me more than a little sad that the days of baby feet are gone.

But, there is an excitement as I look at the teenage feet (which are bigger than his Dad's).

For I can now see these feet taking him across stages as he receives his diplomas.

I imagine him and these feet nervously going to see some cute girl's Dad and asking his permission to marry her.

I look forward to the day those feet pace as his children are brought into the world.

And then, I'll be ecstatic when he and his feet bring those brand new baby feet to see me, and I get to love on them!!!


  1. Very funny and touching post. I too love baby feet but definitely NOT the older version. :)

    Allen just turned 14 yesterday and so this post reflected my own introspection the last few days.

  2. And what cute baby feet those were! Love your way of turning what could easily be sadness over how quickly he has grown up into looking at the positive side of the future.

    Of course you did leave out how you see those feet propelling him in the pool to victory!

  3. Your post brought me to tears, Glenda!