Thursday, September 23, 2010

John, Jr. moves on

John, Jr., for all intents and purposes, hasn't lived with us since his sophomore year in college.

That is, until this summer.

As I've said before, he moved back home in order to work at our neighborhood pool. So, with the passing of summer, (said with a sad voice), his job is finished and he has moved back to Wilmington.

At the beginning, it was quite rocky. He had to get used to little ones with not so little voices (especially early in the morning). But, he did get used to them and them to him. They all became quite good buddies.

So, when it was time for him to say goodbye. We all were a little bit sad. Abbey told him, "I thought you said you were staying for a long, long time!"

So they watched him get into the car.

As we stood on the driveway waving goodbye, I had a goose egg lump in my throat. I knew his time with us was going to be short, but I agree with Abbey the summer was waay too short. 

For this mama hen, seeing her baby chicks leave the nest is never easy.


  1. The leavings are always so hard...I hate to say this but it never gets any easier...

  2. Aww, that picture of Abbey looking out the window just about brought tears to my eyes. I'm thankful for the bonding time that Abbey and Elijah had with their biggest brother over the summer.
    Praying for your heart as you readjust to a quieter house...