Friday, April 22, 2011

Ahhh, the sweetest sound!

 While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

 A couple of nights ago, we had some dear friends' kids over to play with ours. Since our nightly ritual involves Abbey and Elijah riding their bikes, I asked if the company could also bring their bikes. So, after dinner, we lugged all 5 riding apparatuses out to our cul-de-sac. I was out there refereeing, um, I mean watching the make-shift raceway and loving the smiles on all of the beautiful faces.

John had been puttering around the backyard when he came up and said, "Wow! How wonderful it is to hear children's laughter!" It was in that moment that I stopped to listen. He was exactly right. There isn't much in the world that can lift your spirits like hearing the uncontrolled squeal of glee coming from a child. It makes me forget that my floors are dirty, my walls need painting or that there is a mountain of laundry that needs to be done. Nope, that all can wait! I'm gonna sit right here and take in the happy sounds of God's wonderful treasured blessings! 


  1. Great perspective Glenda! Happy Easter to you and your family! We are up in PA with my mom celebrating our Risen Saviour!

  2. Wow, even the laundry can wait? :)
    I agree though, their delight brings joy. Looking forward to many, many more evenings of bike riding in the "roundy road"...