Friday, April 8, 2011

Anna's not a teenager anymore

The Birthday Girl

My Anna-Boo turned 20 on April 2nd.  We celebrated by going out to eat and then having cake at home.

Anna is now in the last phase of cosmetology school. She passed her test for advancement with a 100! It is so neat to see her enjoying her career choice. She's cut mine and Elijah's hair many times. I must say there are perks to giving birth to a hair stylist! I think she is very talented, (of course, I'm not prejudiced at all).

Time is speeding toward her November wedding, impossible as that may sound! It's hard to think of my middle baby getting married. In my mind, she should still be running around with the chia-pet dogs, Mark and Lucy. Mark and Lucy ended up in chia-pet, gluing hospital many times after taking Anna induced tumbles.

Or  I see her talking and playing with one of her many imaginary friends, usually accompanied by many little songs that only she knew the words to.

I'll never forget the looks on folk's faces as they saw me and Anna walking in the rain of an impending hurricane, while she sang, "Singing in the Rain" at the top of her lungs. When she saw anyone she would yell, "Nice weather we're having!"

That Anna of mine is one special personality, always marching to the beat of her own drum.

I love you Anna B! Happy Birthday!



  1. It's hard to believe Anna is 20!!! She is growing into a beautiful young lady! You're very fortunate to have a hair dresser in the family too!

  2. Happy birthday Anna! You are an amazing young woman and our family is blessed to know you!