Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Grandaddy's 73rd birthday-March 24

On March 24, my dad turned 73 years young. The kids, (Daniel, Abbey and Elijah), and I went to celebrate his birthday. We went out to eat lunch and then celebrated with cake. 
Daniel did the lighting honors

Getting help blowing out the candles

Later that afternoon, a Grandaddy classic wheelbarrow ride was in order.

Daniel took over when Grandaddy was tired.

My Dad is such a special person. Growing up, I always felt that my Daddy could do anything. He's extremely talented in many areas. He still plays guitar and sings in his church's choir. Every Christmas, we all look forward to seeing what creation he has made out of wood for us. He's made many things that we will always treasure.

I've always looked to my Dad as excellent example of morality. He's always "walked the walk".  When my Mom's mom  became unable to live alone, my Dad immediately volunteered to bring her into their home. He does a lot to provide the care she needs.

My kids all think that their Grandaddy  hung the moon, and me?  Well I wholeheartedly agree with them!!!

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  1. Happy birthday to him! How blessed you are to have him in your life and your children's lives too!