Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy, Happy Birthday!

My wonderful hubby celebrated his birthday this past weekend. He had an added bonus: all of the kids and future in law kids, were able to be there. What a wonderful treat! We had a bounteous meal of steak, cheese/bacon potatoes, salad and bread. Afterward, we all played "Beatle Trivia". We all knew that John was impossible to beat. He is a huge Beatle fanatic. In the end, it was closer than I expected, but he did prevail. I'm glad it would have ruined his birthday to loose at Beatle trivia.

With such a large crowd, it takes a couple of times to get everyone looking...

Daniel, Jamie, John Sr and John Jr
Greg, Beth, Elijah, Abbey and Anna
Oops! Caught Greg, Elijah and Beth unaware.

Now, Anna disappeared.

Oh, well, put those two shots together and you have everyone.

Directing us as we sang

Elijah beat him to the candles!

Many men are the happiest when they are on the golf course, making money or at a sporting event. But, not my honey. He is the happiest when all of his kids are around. As I watched him, I saw him get excited when  it was getting close to the time for everyone to be home. You could see the gleam in his eye and hear the excitement in his voice. That is one of the things I love about him! He truly delights in his family!

Happy Birthday, Johnny boy, you've made my life wonderful and I'm so thankful to be your wife, and our kids are blessed to call you Dad!


  1. Happy belated birthday John! We are privileged to call you friend!

  2. Happy birthday John! I agree. The best gift is to have our children around and enjoy their presence.