Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Big Brother shares one of his favorite pastimes

One of John Jr's favorite pastimes is fishing. He's always loved to fish, and going to school at the beach has given him many opportunities. When he was home a couple of weeks ago, he set out to go fishing. Abbey was very interested in where he was going. He explained that he was going fishing and immediately, "I want to go." came from Abbey. Then the great, Big Brother promised to take her fishing the next day. Of course, Elijah wanted to go also, so John invited John Sr to go with them. I'm sure he was grateful for the reinforcements, umm I mean company.  It can be a little scary outing when there are more preschoolers than big folks!

Armed with bread, they set out.

A "before" picture

They started fishing, with the agreement that the first fish, once it was hooked, would be Abbey's to reel in.

So they waited, and

waited, and

pretty soon, Abbey and Elijah sought after other forms of entertainment

Finally, John Sr. hooked one and

Abbey reeled it in.

Not a bit afraid, she grabs the little fishy

She was a little bit happy at her accomplishment!

John told her to sniff her hand

Apparently, fish smell doesn't appeal to her.  I don't think she will marry a fisherman.

After another little wait and more bug collecting...

John, Jr hooks one for Elijah to reel in.

As I'm sure you would have guessed, Elijah didn't want to hold the fish.

But he was very excited to "catch" his first fish.

 When asked how big his fish was....

Elijah replied in true to fishermen's terms:

Yessiree! He'll make a fine fisherman one day. He's already mastered the art embellishing his catch!

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  1. Love both of their responses, Abbey declaring that fish stink (amen little girl) and Elijah declaring how big his fish was. Too cute!!!