Sunday, April 3, 2011

March 17- Farm Days

NC State has a week every year in which kids are invited to come to one of their farms to see and pet some animals. We went last year, and Abbey thoroughly enjoyed it. This year, Elijah joined in the fun.

Except for the "chig a lay" cow. Abbey embraced him (or her??) with gusto. Elijah figured that he would stick to the four legged variety of cow.

But, that was the only animal he was afraid of.

I had a hard time pulling them both away from the baby chicks

Ever the good big sister, Abbey helped Elijah pet the bunny

She loved the baby goat

As did Elijah.

With friend, Lucy

I had to pry Elijah from the tractors

Elijah bonds with another "little" guy

With friends, Lucy, Lottie and Corrie

The best part??
Free ice cream

Yes, we have worked on not talking with your mouth full! But, apparently, not enough!

After the farm, we went to a park, ate lunch and played.

What a grand day!


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