Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Tree Shopping

Time to find the perfect Christmas tree!  We had to get a late start, as we waited for Daniel to get out of practice. Anna happened to be visiting with Rocko, so we were delighted to have them join us in our quest for a Christmas tree. Because we were so late, our usual spot was closed. Never fear, we went a few hundred feet down the road and found another place that was open later.

Strange, you never know where Daniel will "pop" up!
Elijah likes this one.
The whole "tree hunting"team (minus the photographer)
After we got our tree hunkered down on top of our car, we went for a treat at the nearby Starbucks. Everyone in our family is a Starbucks fan. In fact, when Abbey was little, she would yell, "Barbucks!" whenever we passed by a Starbucks.

Good Hot Chocolate!

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Because it was so late, we put off decorating the tree to the next night.


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  1. We're a Starbucks family too! Just the sight of those red Christmas cups gets me salivating!!! Hope the tree decorating went well!