Friday, December 2, 2011

Playing catch up.... Nature walk at Hemlock Bluffs

The weeks leading up to Anna's wedding pretty much consumed my every waking moment. We did take time from wedding shopping and planning to participate in a "Nature Walk", with our OAKS friends, in the beautiful Hemlock Bluffs park. After tonight when my mom complained about my lack of posts, I figure I need to get caught up, so here is a memory from a playgroup outing we had.

That day was quite dreary, rainy and pretty chilly. The rain held off just long enough for us to complete our walk. The kids enjoyed a chance to run freely through the woods. Our guide was very informative and was comfortable with little kids.

She kept the kids attention, while giving them information about the surroundings

They got to see, but "not touch" a salamander. (You can't touch a salamander because their skin is so permeable and any lotion or chemical residue on our hand would cause harm to the least Mom learned something new that day!)

Elijah's studying a nut

Abbey with her good friend, Lily.
Because the weather was icky, we decided to go to Chic Fil A to play in the playground and get some lunch. We didn't bargain for half of the town being there to get lunch. It was a zoo! I guess Elijah thought it was literally a zoo, because after he ate his lunch he went into the play/climbing place, and,  since he had refused to go to the bathroom when I asked, he peed all over the 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st levels in the playplace.  You could tell by the ear-piercing squeals that some unlucky little  girl had found one of  Elijah's little "presents" So, we made our swift exit way before Abbey was finished playing with her friends. A not so great end to a great play day!

(On my way out, I did tell the attendant about Elijah's accident and she was going in to clean it up)


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