Thursday, December 15, 2011

What in the world? No broken ornaments?

So strange. Usually if you smell coffee brewing, see kids jumping up and down, Mom on the floor narrating each ornament's story, and you hear Phil Keaggy's Chrismas cd playing along with the intermittent ring of shattered glass; then you know it's Christmas tree decorating time at the D***** house!

I say usually, because this year was different. John played other Christmas music in addition to old friend, Phil, and there were no broken ornaments. Not. One. Pretty amazing! Not even the swish of the mongrels' tails caused any damage.

Each of the kids with their 1st Christmas ornaments

After hanging the lights, he thinks he's done, so he just sits back and admires
Such concentration, attaching the hook
Daniel trying to keep the lethal tail away from the tree
Admiring their handiwork
Our tree isn't one of those with matching, meticulously places decorations. Most of ours are either made by our kids or have their pictures on them. All of the ornaments that we put on have a story. It's like a memory tree, and to me.....

It's beautiful!!


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  1. Your tree is gorgeous! Mine is the same way...Every ornament has a memory for me...Have wonderful Christmas and give my baby a hug from his mom!