Monday, June 29, 2009


Guitar Heroine

Loves the pool

Abbey is at the stage of talking where she comes out with some hilarious translations. I want to be able to remember them, so I need to document them. My favorite treat is known as "shocklet". She is quite a fan of chocolate also. Mom, Dad and Abbey go on date nights to "Barbucks" for coffee and whip cream (krrrrr) for Abbey. The other day she was singing, "Row, row, row your boat" at the top of her lungs and ended with "like a butter dream". When asked where she was born or where Elijah is she replies, "The Shine-a". When she wants to take you to show you something she says, "Show me." John, Jr's pet name for her is Abbs McGee. When asked what John calls her she says, "Abaskee". Yesterday, while eating a Happy Meal she said, "Mommy, do you want some of me fench fies?" When I said, "Yes, thank you." She gave me one she had already bitten, then said, "Ut-oh, that's got me germs, let me get you nutter one!" This was probably a byproduct of spending 24 hours with her germ-a-phobic big sister, Beth! Abbey can count consistently to 13, then skips to 18 and goes to 21. She can say her ABC's, but regularly leaves out "J". Her favorite food is cheese and gummy fruit snacks. She loves puzzles and blocks. On our walk tonight, she told me that God made the moon, her, me, birds and houses and cars! This little girl of ours is quite a demonstration of the magnificent creation abilities of our God!

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