Monday, June 8, 2009

A bummer of a day

Today hasn't been the best day I've ever had. Abbey has had a reaction to something, probably the antibiotic she was taking for an ear infection. Starting yesterday afternoon, she developed massive whelts all over her body. She was up at 5:30 this morning miserable. The whelts itch intensely. She already has several bleeding scratches all over her. She looks so pitiful. It has even invaded her face. Her eyes look like she has been in the ring with Rocky. Tonight, she started to run a fever. If she isn't better tomorrow, I'll call the Dr. We went to see the Dr. today. She said that it was a typical allergic reaction, and to keep her on Benedryl. She also said it could last 3-5 days. So, obviously, we can't go anywhere. I've played puzzles, read books, played trains, kitchen and anything else I could to get her mind off the incessant itching. Poor baby! She's utterly miserable. If it wasn't enough to hurt for her, I've discovered that TA's are taking 2-3 months to come after LOA's. (And I don't even have the LOA, yet) I was counting on 6-8 weeks after LOA. So, once again, time is being lengthened. I'm so frustrated, there is a little boy in China waiting for me. Because of darn government bureaucracy, I can't get to him! Just not a good day. Please pray for our little girl and her frustrated mom.

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