Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sadness... no more preschool

This past year, I have taught four year olds in a church sponsored preschool. I've thoroughly enjoyed doing so. The kids were witty, cute as they could be, loving and very smart. The staff was wonderful also. It has been a great experience for me. All my life, all I've wanted to be is a Mom. I became a teacher, so I could "mother" kids. Because of the timing of Elijah's adoption, I cannot return next year. This makes me sad. Although sad, I have a God given peace about it. As I was praying before the last day of school, God spoke to my heart and opened my eyes. I was telling Him how I was going to miss the kids, how I was good at doing this, how, with the economy the way it is right now, we surely could use the extra money, how I could minister to more kids if I stayed teaching, and how I could be an extra mother to these kids. I basically asked Him why He had arranged the timing to be like this. Then I heard Him say, "Remember you are the only mother Elijah has!" Wow, talk about putting the correct perspective on things. Now, I may miss the opportunities that the job gave me, but I know in my heart that staying home is the right thing to do for Elijah. Because I won't be working there, Abbey will not return to preschool. She had the most wonderful teachers. They loved her in spite of her tendency to take off running down the halls to the ball room and her annoying need to constantly take her shoes off. They have been fantastic to her. She will miss them. Abbey with Ms. Terie and Ms. Amy, her teachers
With a friend at the year end picnic

In a new dress before the end of the year program.
She actually sang on stage. Nana, Grandaddy and Daddy were there.
God's timing is perfect in every way!

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