Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Farter's Day!!

No, that isn't a typo. Those are the words John woke up to today. Spoken by our sweet little one, Abbey. John, Jr came home for the weekend, but Beth couldn't make it. Daniel was also absent, spending the week at the beach.(He asked Dad's permission to miss Father's Day) While at church today, we went in the see Anna sing during the youth worship. John had tears in his eyes. Her voice was wonderful. I closed my eyes and praised God for giving her such a wonderful gift, and for the fact that she was using that gift for Him! John said that was the best Father's Day gift, to hear her praising God. We went out to eat with some dear friends and then John went to the pool to play basketball. During this day, I couldn't help but think how I almost lost my dad to a heart attack a few months ago. It was really scary. He's always been there for me. Growing up, there wasn't anything my Daddy couldn't do. I'm so thankful that he's still here. On this day, John also thinks about his Dad. He passed away 10 years ago. John was very close to his dad and misses him greatly. Now about John. I don't think there is a more perfect father for my kids. He loves them unconditionally and continuously provides for their needs. One of his greatest joy is when they are all at home. There isn't anything he wouldn't do for them. The adoption of Elijah shows the heart of my husband. There aren't many men that would follow God's leading and take on another child after having 5 others. But, when God speaks to him he does his best to follow. I'm extremely proud that he's the Daddy of my kids!

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