Saturday, June 6, 2009

Daniel's 15!!Accepting the MVP award for his swimming with his year round team

A little while ago, we celebrated Daniel's 15 birthday. He will be taking Driver's Ed this summer. Nothing sends a Mom to her knees, like handing her kid the keys! Of course, he is excited, and we are resigned. Daniel is a very special young man. He entered public school from home school for the first time this year. He has done fabulously. As of this writing, he has all "A's". He is devoted to his chosen sport of swimming. He diligently goes to practice every day. His swimming times reflect this dedication. Both of these characteristics are admirable, but what we value most is Daniel's devotion to our Lord. He (along with Anna) have published their testimonies on Facebook. He wants to worship the Lord with all his might. I'm not ashamed to say there have been a few times when he saw something I did or said and gently delivered the "Well, Mom, what would God have wanted you to do?" speech. To which I replied, "As much as I hate to admit it, you are right." He's not perfect, but he is willing to admit when he messes up. He also can be a ornery teenager. We are very thankful for him. It will be interesting to see where God will lead him. We love you, Dan-the-man!!

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