Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another Tarheel bred

  Daniel had a swim meet today, so he couldn't go with John to the Carolina vs Duke game. All of our children have attended Carolina football games as infants, so this was the perfect opportunity to indoctrinate Elijah! He was dressed in Carolina Blue from his hat down to his UNC squeeky shoes(Thanks Shannon). No one could walk past him as he strolled around campus without smiling and speaking to him. He was quite cute.


By the Old Well

 First drink from the Old Well

With the Victory Bell, which Carolina gets to keep for another year.

Two of my Tarheel Boys
He did very well with the game. He slept through the first half but enjoyed the second. He clapped to the band and pumped his fist to "Let's go Tarheels!" He was amazed, but not scared by the fireworks. Thankfully, there were a lot of fireworks the Heels whupped Duke, 19-6.

 Puckering up to give me a kiss

Not quite sure what this is all about

It was our graduating class's 25th reunion. Chapel Hill has always been special to me and John. We enjoy the chance to go back together. We usually spend a lot of time reminiscing about our college days. As we walked across the campus, John said, "25 years ago would you have thought that we be here walking around campus with our 6th child, and two of them would be from China?" I have to admit, that no, I wouldn't have thought it at all. But, if someone had told me that would be the case, even then the thought would have absolutely thrilled me! Today is one of those days when everything is right and I bask in happiness and gratefulness. It was a fun, fun day! I'm also grateful for my parents who enthusiastically agreed to come and hang out with Abbey!

It was cold after the game, but still decked out in Tarheel regalia

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  1. What a cute little Tarheel! And man do I relate to the thinking back and predicting about kids...