Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Elijah's first doctor visit

Monday I took Elijah to the Dr. for the first time.  All in all, he is healthy. We have to get blood drawn and tested along with urine and stool samples. The doctor decided to accept the vaccines that we saw him get in Guangzhou. The clinic gave me the boxes, so I could prove they had not expired. So, today he got 3 sticks. One shot had DTAP, polio and HIB, another shot for pneumonia, and a seasonal flu shot. On Tues. he ran a fever all day which got up to 103.5. Today, he's had just a low grade fever. We went and had his TB test checked. It was negative. Elijah has gained a pound since his medical exam in Guangzhou. He now weighs 20 lbs and 10 oz. He is in the tenth percentile for his age. He is 31inches tall. That puts him in the 5th percentile. His head measures 46 1/2 inches which is in the25th percentile.

And look at this....

I'd say he's not afraid of the dogs anymore!!


  1. Elijah reminds me so much of bringing home Cali. She is home a bit over one year and she has gained 10 lbs. Love the dog photo, Cali now loves our golden, Lily still is not so thrilled with animals. Elijah looks great. Hopefully I can make it to a Friday play group soon.

  2. Yeah, when you use the dog as a chair I think the fear is gone...
    Glad your sweet baby got to avoid a few of the shots!