Thursday, November 12, 2009

We're getting there

I think we are getting there... I knew it would take time before things start to settle down and we could function with some degree of normalcy (at least as normal as our abnormal family can be). Well, I have definitely seen some progress. We now have a loose schedule that can be followed each day, and both kids are mostly sleeping through the night. We still have some nights that aren't peaceful, but not every night, so that's progress. Abbey and Elijah are starting to enjoy each other.

They occasionally have little games they play that leave both of them laughing hysterically.

They are a little less jealous of each other. I know we still have a ways to go, but at least I can see progress.

Giving kisses

I love all of them so much, and thank the Lord to be able to be mommy to each of my kids, from the biggest down to the littlest. I think it is such a privilege to have a hand in shaping their lives. And, sometimes it's just plain fun to hear what comes out of their mouths. Take this recent exchange with Abbey:
Abbey: "Mommy, we don't let anyone see our boobies, do we?"
Me: "No, Abbey we don't"
Abbey: "Because they are our prizes!"
Laughing so hard on the inside, I gently corrected, "That's right, they are our privates, aren't they?" 

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  1. I so understand that sense of relief when it starts to look like they are going to enjoy being siblings after all. Do me a favor, in a few months remind me that it will come again...
    And our prizes? Hehehe! I love that little girl!