Saturday, November 21, 2009

Grandma's gift

 Since Grandma sent Abbey some money for her birthday, John promised to take her shopping.  Last Sunday, Elijah was asleep, so I stayed home with him, while John and Abbey set out to spend her money. You would have thought she had a million dollars. She was so excited. They weren't gone that long when she came strolling in with...a snow white doll. Not surprising if you have looked at previous pictures. Most days Abbey is decked out in some kind of princess outfit.

When she called Grandma, before she had gone shopping, to thank her she said, "Thank you for buying me my money."

She has only watched Snow White once, and the wicked Queen was a bit too much and scared her. So we will hold off on that for a while. But, we do have the book and we read it a lot. But, Abbey loves to watch Cinderella. It is reserved as a special treat. The other day she started running down the stairs, waving her hand and saying, "Goodbye!" in a voice that wasn't hers. She was mimicking Cinderella, as she runs from the ball, and was doing a pretty good imitation. I joined in the fun and started running after her saying, "Wait, Cinderella, wait" She really got into it then. I think we may have an actress on our hands.

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