Monday, November 16, 2009

Two Months!!

This past Saturday, the 14th, was the two month anniversary of Elijah's Gotcha Day! He has melted into our family so well. It seems like we have been blessed with him for more than 2 months. He is such a cuddle bug. Over the past month he has learned to do the following things:
Drink out of a cup with the valve in it
Crawl up the stairs
Stack blocks
Say his versions of I love you sounds like ah u yu. From context we know it is I love you
Is sleeping better, but still wakes up at the drop of a hat.
Has suffered through his first cold.
Likes every kind of food he has tried, except for peaches.
Puckers up his lips and says "mmmm" to give a kiss
I can tell that he is a little more selective in who he goes to. He no longer reaches for every female he sees.

It is wonderful to watch him discover the world. We praise God for the gift of Elijah.

The day we met Elijah

One month since Gotcha

Two months since Gotcha

Such a sweet boy!

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  1. Even though we weren't with you in China, I can see such a difference in him in those two months too! We're blessed to be part of his life!